SpectraPy installation procedure

Installing Prerequisites

We suggest to download and install Anaconda Python Distribution and update your $PATH environment variable to use the proper python

In the BASH shell


or in the TCSH shell


And install the additional packages

> ${CONDA_INSTAL_DIR}/bin/pip install pyds9
> ${CONDA_INSTAL_DIR}/bin/pip install pyregion

Astropy and Cython are already included in the conda distribution.

Install SpectraPy

Extract files from the tar package

> tar -xvzf spectrapy-0.11.3.tar.gz

and use the proper python3 to install it

> python3 setup.py install

SpectraPy is now installed and can be used from the python3 console


To work with spectrapy, we suggest to use the ipython3 console (available in the conda distribution previously installed). This is a powerful interactive shell, which provides a lot of facilities.